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I aggressively ship Levihan, thank you.

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gentlesound whispered : Hanji and Eren!

is it done on purpose

Eren:What is your greatest passion?

So far, I guess I simply couldn’t be able to decide and tell precisely(?). That is to say, perhaps I’m still seeking for my true self and merely enjoy my life, doing anything I feel like doing it. (´ヮ`) Yet, if I had to make up my mind, I’d tell - singing, most likely. Yep.

Hanji: If you could turn into a titan, what would you be like?

Ahhhh omg I would be a bishoujo titan! Maybe 15m class, with super long legs though, and quite impressive feminine body… values, you know~ Even the face wouldn’t be so ugly ass as for a titan! Totally a model, 10/10 would bang ok titans can’t have sex sorry date.

… Now seriously, I would be a literally ugly ass, but totally awesome titan. Something for something, huh?!! (゜▽゜;)

Question Time: SNK style!

Eren: What is your greatest passion?
Mikasa: Name a person you would defend no matter what
Armin: Have you ever felt underestimated?
Jean: Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower?
Connie: Tell a really dumb joke
Sasha: Why DO people eat potatoes, anyway?
Marco: Name a person you couldn't bear to lose.
Christa: Do you ever feel the need to hide your true self?
Ymir: What measures would you go to to be with the one you love?
Bertholdt: On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you?
Reiner: Do you even lift?
Annie: Describe your nose in as much detail as possible
Levi: What's your height?
Hanji: If you could turn into a titan, what would you be like?
Mike Zakarius: Your favourite scent?
Irvin: How well do you trust others?
Auruo: Do you ever feel you talk too much?
Pastor Nick: What's your obsession?
Sawney and Bean: Do you have a namesake?